A—finity is a Helsinki-based design collective exploring the possibilities of textile as a medium. We specialise in textile and fashion design with the focus on surface, material and color design and creative collaborations. For us textile is a lifestyle and a part of everything we do as well as an everlasting source of inspiration.

A—finity offers comprehensive design services and consultancy to companies and collaborators from all fields of art and design. We are adventurers working on the edges of textile and fashion design. To create long-lasting and powerful design we combine our deep appreciation of textile traditions with contemporary innovations and unrestrained creativity.

We are touched by our Finnish and Japanese cultural heritages and aim to create community around the culture of making textiles. We believe in the miracle of teamwork and approach each collaboration with fresh eyes to discover new ideas and beauty where it has not been discovered before.

A—finity was established by Anna Alanko, Anna-Mari Leppisaari and Aoi Yoshizawa in 2014. The trio met while studying fashion and textile design in Aalto University the School of Arts, Design and Architecture and bonded over their love of weaving, tackiness and Bollywood dancing.

: a feeling of closeness and understanding that someone has for another person because of their similar qualities, ideas, or interests
: a liking for or an attraction to something
: a quality that makes people or things suited to each other

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Hand woven obi fabrics inspired by Japanese koinobori fish and rice. (Photo by Sanna Lehto)

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Pattern story installation representing the mental landscapes of A—finity. (Photo by Sanna Lehto)

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Seashell obi fabrics made in collaboration with Japanese weaving mill Tamiya Raden. (Photo by Sanna Lehto)

Inspiration collage book for expedition to Japan.