Hello! We are A‑finity Patterns, a Helsinki based textile design collective established by Anna Alanko and Aoi Yoshizawa. We explore the possibilities of textile as a medium, specialising in surface, material and colour design for interior and fashion. Check out how we got started at www.a‑finity.fi

We create contemporary patterns and subtle textures that tell stories of our everyday life and dreamy adventures. In our work Finnish and Japanese simplicity mixes with vibrant colours, illustrative playfulness, adventurous spirit and charming humour!

Here you can enter our pattern bank, where you can find and browse through surface designs made by us. To enter the pattern bank you need a password. If you don’t have a password yet and are interested in the A‑finity patterns collection just contact: patterns@a-finity.fi


We are also available for commissions and freelance work. If you need fresh ideas for a project or are interested in creative colla­b­orations, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

In the past we've worked for example with these guys: Tiger of Sweden, Lapuan Kankurit, Borås Tapeter, Almedahls, Åhléns, Feathr, White Box (Japan), Eurokangas...

Psst! We’ve also made these 10 wallpaper designs for Feathr! Some of them have already been featured in Elle Decor and Vogue Casa. Wow! You can get yours at Feathr’s online shop (link opens when you press the image).

And hey! Don't forget that you will also find us from:



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